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About Vivente

Established in 2001, Vivente is a furniture manufacturer and supplier offering one-stop solution of various office needs, Our business cores are ranged from providing service of interior designs contracting to macufacturing and distributing workstation products, which are built with high quality materials and sophisticatedly crafted into state-of-the-arts designs

Vivente’s experieced interior designer and project consultants contribue to the company’s diverse business portfolios across Indonesia;
Vivente cater to middle and high-end market segments. Our clients include goverment institutions, private and goverment banks, hotels and offices. Determined to innovate for the best, our service excellence ensures customer satisfaction..


To be a leading and most reputable furniture manufacturer and supplier in Indonesian

  • To provide high quality products and deliver service exellence
  • To build a strong relationship with clients, investors and employees by means of continuosly improving the company performance
  • To enhance the employees competence while increasing their welfare


JVIVENTE runs its factory in sentul, Bogor for commercial production of office furniture. To ensure the best quality of production, we take the following considerations in the manufacturing process: 

  1. The factory modern machines and equipments allow us to implement the cutting-edge technology in production of high quality of furniture. Only use high quality materials to produce high quality and ergonomic products of both artistic design and solid construction.
  2. We emphasize on the quality assurance in the production process and the packaging process of finished goods, both of which are done through screening process to ensure the quality of products.
  3. VIVENTE conserves natural resources and prevent unnecessary permissions in manufacturing